The David B. Gold Foundation

How to Apply

Process and Timeline: Please review the Foundation’s program areas, current funding priorities, limitations, and geographic scope. Organizations with projects that fall within the Foundation’s stated areas of interest and funding parameters may submit a grant proposal by following the link below.

We aim to provide a decision within four months of the date a proposal is received. However, this timeline may vary depending on the size of the request, the number of proposals being considered, and the need for additional information.  The board considers grant applications four times per year.

Application Instructions: Please download and read the instructions for submitting a proposal. The instructions include a list of the information you will need to complete the online form.

At this time, we have ceased grant making and are no longer accepting proposals for funding.

Download instructions for submitting a proposal

Project Budget Form: In addition to the online proposal, please email the required proposal attachments directly to the foundation. A list of the required attachments is provided in the proposal instructions. The required project budget form and instructions are available below.

Instructions for completing the project budget

Project budget form

Reporting: A final report is due within 30 days after the end of a grant period. For multi-year grants, a progress report is also due at the end of each fiscal year during the grant period. The same form can be used for progress reports and final reports. Please follow the link below to download and complete the report form.

Download follow-up report form.